Rediscovering Asahikawa by enjoying its newly opened shops!

Rediscovering Asahikawa by enjoying its newly opened shops!

Since the Japanese government eased the stay home restriction, « I can finally go out! » is what our reporter thought, as he was putting his shoes on, to go on a journey in his home town, looking for Asahikawa’s secret places.

Destination to Higashi Asahikawa!

The first destination of our reporter’s journey is in the outskirt of the town, Higashi (east) Asahikawa.
Well known for its Zoo, Higashi Asahikawa has still many secrets!

This time we will purposely avoid the zoo and present you newly opened places to eat.

The beginning of a new journey

Our reporter left his home around noon, in a sunny day, and since his house is in Asahimachi, it’s 30~40 minutes away in car from Higashi Asahikawa.

The landscape from the car window at the departure time.
Source: ryo

The landscape was wonderful.
Moreover, driving on a sunny day while playing your favourite music on the background is the best feeling in the world, isn’t it ?

Let’s start with lunch! @No-ca-ya

Opened the 20th of may, we can almost say that this curry restaurant alone was the reason why our reporter wanted to go to Higashi Asahikawa.

The exterior of No-ca-ya
Source: ryo

The restaurant is located in « Ukegawa Farm »'s grounds, in the peaceful countryside of Higashi Asahikawa.
The warehouse-style of the restaurant is original and stylish.

The entrance
Source: ryo

When you enter through the red door, there is a hallway like one you may have in your own house, but with a somewhat stylish atmosphere.
When you pass the second door you can see the inside of the restaurant.

Our reporter couldn’t take photos of the inside but the rural landscape you can see by the restaurant’s window was mesmerizing.

And here comes the curry rice he wanted to eat since the day he saw it on instagram.

No-ca-ya recommended three curry assortment / 1,518¥ ( L size )
Source: ryo

First of all, it looks good.
Our reporter took so many pictures of his plate that he got embarrassed about it.

Each curry of the three curry assortment has a completely different flavour, making the dish fun to eat.

But the green curry surprised him the most
He usually doesn’t eat green curry because it seemed spicy, but this green curry’s sweetness spread at the moment our reporter put the spoon in his mouth.
Since the curry wasn’t that spicy, it was easy to eat.

The atmosphere, mood and the dishes were absolutely wonderful in this restaurant!

Name: No-ca-ya
Address:Asahikawashi Higashiasahikawa-chō kamihei-mura 384
Business hours:11:30~19:30
Holidays:every Thursday

A new type of ice cream! @Cafe HOPE

After eating the curry our reporter was craving for a sweet dessert.
Just opened this year, Cafe HOPE specialise in takeouts.

Source: ryo

Looking like an ice cream truck, this cafe doesn’t move but is very unique.
Moreover, you are able to order and reserve anything on the menu by using instagram.
Since our reporter really wanted to eat here, he didn’t want his ice to be sold out and reserved it on instagram.

Yogurt ice cream on tortilla cone.
Source: ryo

It may be difficult to tell by looking at the photo, but a tortilla is used as the cone of the ice!
Our reporter loves tacos and tortilla so much that he is often making his own and eats about 100 tortilla every year.

The clerk courteously told him « Please, eat the ice cream after letting it melt a bit! ».
Our reporter did as was told and headed to a nearby park to take his first bite.
The tortilla flavour blend well with the crunchy berry ice cream, creating a brand new texture and sensation!

Our reporter confided us that he would come again!

CafeHOPE’s original sticker
Source: ryo

He even got a sticker strong against water and ultraviolet rays as a gift !

Our reporter will definitely come again !

Name: Cafe HOPE
Address:Asahikawashi Higashiasahikawa Kita 1 - 5 - 1 - 28
Business hours:11:00~16:00
Holidays:every Thursday

The second dessert! @Cafe Terrace Now

Our sugar-loving reporter carried on his journey to find a second dessert.
Opened the 30th of April, which is also our reporter’s birthday, Cafe Terrace NOW is the next destination!

Cafe Terrace NOW, the entrance
Source: ryo

You can see the entrance of the cafe on the right, behind the trees.
Located in a green landscaping area, surrounded by stylish ornaments the cafe is giving off a calming mood.

Since it’s a take-out only cafe, our reporter went in the cafe just to take order.

Source: ryo

Waiting alone in front of the cafe for his dessert, our reporter felt somehow lonely.
Since it was a very hot day, waiting 5 minutes for his second dessert felt like an eternity.

Strawberry parfait (half-sized)/680¥
Source: ryo

Doesn’t it look good ?
The landscape is also great !

The soft cream had a very smooth texture and looked gorgeous.
Some strawberry jelly is spread at the bottom of the cup, giving great satisfaction from the start to the end of the dessert.

Smoothies and tapioca drinks were also available, but it will be for the next time!

Name: Cafe Terrace NOW
Address:Asahikawashi Higashiasahikawa Shimohei-mura 385 - 6 green zōen-nai
Business hours:11:30~19:30
Holidays:every Thursday

The length of the journey

This time journey’s length was... 41 km!

It was an only 2 hours journey!
The weather was great and our reporter spent a meaningful time!

If you happen to be near higashi asahikawa, be sure to check those newly opened places out!

Translated from ryo's article



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