Furano and its surroundings! Lavender, melon and jumbo sushi!

Furano and its surroundings! Lavender, melon and jumbo sushi!

This article’s original writer went for a drive to Kamifurano, Nakafurano and Furano with her child to see the lavender in full bloom. We will introduce you Furano’s gourmet foods, like melon and jumbo sushi, and its souvenirs.

First of all, we’ll be heading to the famous farm, Farm Tomita, in Nakafurano.

Farm Tomita was open from 8:30 during this period.
Our reporter left her house early to avoid traffic and arrived at 9:30.
In the morning there is only a few people so it’s easier to appreciate the landscape and take pictures.
The purple of the lavenders spreading to the horizon is absolutely gorgeous.
Located at the center of Farm Tomita, here is the Sakiwai Field. 4 species of lavender grow here: Okamurasaki, Yotei, Hanamoiwa and the Noshi Hayazaki.
Sakiwai Field, « Happiness field » was named after the staff’s wish to make visitors happy.
The vivid-yet-naturally-purple-coloured lavender were incredibly beautiful and actually brought happiness to our reporter.

The fragrant bookmark workshop

Since, unlike the mother, our reporter’s child got tired of seeing lavender everywhere, our writer went to the park's perfume house.
There, even children, can easily make fragrant bookmarks.

Here is the very easy to use, fragrant applying device. Just insert the dedicated paper into the scent device to make the bookmark. The scent is also sold in the store as a perfume.

Commemorative stamps are available too!

You can also observe the soap making process.
(There was no making during our reporter’s visit)

Lavender goodies and souvenirs

There were many lavender-themed souvenirs at the shop and our reporter bought few of them.

From the left to the right:
Lavender massage oil 1200 yen, body soap refill 1000 yen,
lavender oil 1250 yen, herb soap mint 360 yen.

You can make your own dried lavender flowers here. Many people were buying it.

Alcohol based disinfecting goods to prevent coronavirus were also sold.

Name: Farm Tomita
Postal Code: 071-0704
Address: Hokkaidō Sorachi-gun Nakafurano-chō Kisenkita 15-gō
Tel: 0167-39-3939

Let's eat Furano melon at the Tomita Melon House

After enjoying the lavender fields, our reporter moved to the Melon House.

The Tomita Melon House’s speciality is melon. There you can not only eat freshly cut melon but also melon-based sweets.

The second floor terrace

There is an open terrace with some bench on the first floor, but our reporter recommends the terrace and cafe behind. On the second floor there is some seats and unlike the first floor open terrace, it’s not crowded.

You can take a break on the sofa!

Even inside the cafe you can feel the wind!

Let’s move to the main topic, melon!
There was many melon-based sweets on the menu but our reporter ordered this!

An half-cut melon with an soft-serve on the top!
The half-cut melon costed 800¥ and the soft-serve topping was at 350¥.
You can choose between 3 different flavour of soft-serve ice cream:
red melon, Furano milk, and a mix of the two.

Our reporter went for a Furano milk soft-serve.
A cheese-like richly flavoured milk soft-serve.
The melon was juicy, well-ripened and delicious.

There were a lot mouth-watering sweets too and our reporter really wanted to eat them, but her stomach was at its limit.

Swings are set all around the farm for your child to play.
Our writer brought a melon cheese tart for 250¥ as a souvenir.
The melon flavour goes through the nose to match with the cheese flavour, making the whole sweet really delicious.

Name: Tomita Melon House
Postal code: 071-0714
Address: Hokkaidō Sorachi-gun Nakafurano-chō Miyamachi 3 - 32
TEL: 0167-39-3333

Lunch in Furano, Fukuzushi’s jumbo sushi

Fukuzushi is famous for its jumbo sushi.
Although the parking was full, our writer was able to get in the spacious restaurant without having to wait.

Our reporter ordered:
Popular sushi set 1600 yen x 2 (jumbo size + normal size)
Natto roll for one person 900 yen
Karaage (deep-fried chicken) 1200 yen

The normal sized sushi set is on the left and jumbo sized sushi set is on the right.
Jumbo sushis have a good amount of shari (seasoned rice).

There is not only a great volume of rice but the fish is also thickly cut.

The karaage were jumbo sized too!

4 whole natto rolls cut.

Jumbo sushis were surely big but they were also absolutely delicious.
Our writer was filled with happiness!
The staff was also great and if our reporter get the chance to eat here again, she will!

Name: Fukuzushi
Postal code: 076-0026
Address: Furano-shi Asahimachi 1 - 4
Tel: 0167-23-2617

Souvenirs from Furano, Furano Marché

Our reporter was looking for souvenir to bring back home and found Cazeres, a bread shop selling handmade bread. There, she bought plain square bread and a big chiffon cake.
The Furano Market isn’t only about bread, there is also places to eat, general stores, and of course souvenirs!
It’s the perfect place to buy a little something for your loved ones.

550¥ for the plain square bread, 650¥ for the milk chiffon bread.

There was a mini fountain so our reporter let her child play here for a little while.

Name: Furano Marche
Postal code: 0076-0024
Address: Furano-shi Saiwaichō 13 − 1
Tel: 0167-22-1001

Kamifurano’s melon plantation shop, Aranouen

On her way home, on route 237, our writer stopped by the Aranouen plantation to buy some melons. Located in Kamifurano (upper Furano) near the Kanno Farm, this year, the plantation shop is near the vinyl house.

It was really cheap!
Small sized melons with vines were from 400¥ to 1000¥.
Big sized melons without vines were at 400¥ !
Our reporter bought 3 melons.
It's close to Asahikawa, so it might be okay to stop by from time to time to buy some melons.
A wild cat family seemed to live here.
They were incredibly cute!

Until last year, the shop was located here.

The purchased melons, one is in the refrigerator.

The cat family

Name: Aranouen
Postal code: 071-0512
Address: Hokkaidō Sorachi-gun Kamifurano Machinishi 12-sen kita 36-gō
Tel: 0167-45-9527

The trip around Kamifurano-Nakafurano-Furano is over!
July is the best season to see the lavender and the other flowers blooming in Tomita Farm.
I personally think that being surrounded with flowers and their scent is one of the best feeling in the world! How about you ?
Moreover, a lot of delicious foods and ingredients are produced locally, especially melon!

Translated from あじつけたまご (Ajitsuketatamago)'s article.



Hello there!

I am in charge of translating in english some of asatan's articles.
I'm from France and I have been living in Hokkaido for 6 years.
Things I like : drawing, pokemon, online games,
Things I don't like : melon, lags, waking up in the morning


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