5 roasted sweet potato you can buy in Asahikawa!

5 roasted sweet potato you can buy in Asahikawa!

Nowadays, there are various sweet potato-flavoured sweets in the world such as chocolates and sweetened sweet potatoes (sweet potato with honey, ice, etc…) However! There are many people who have never eaten roasted sweet potatoes. Here are 5 exquisite roasted sweet potato buyable in Asahikawa !

Fresh vegetables Yaomori

Yaomori is a greengrocer in Midorigaoka.
There are three types of roasted sweet potato here.

This time, our reporter chose the "Gorojima Kintoki”.

This is a traditional roasted sweet potato.
It's not too sweet and had a nostalgic taste (* ´Д `)

Because of its simple taste, it probably won't interfere with other ingredients if used in cooking ♪
Since its water content is low, it may be great to eat it fried, like a tempura!

Our writer likes this ordinary roasted sweet potato and only wants to devour it with a cup of milk.


Name: Shinsen Yasai Yaomori
Address: Hokkaidō, Asahikawa-shi, Midorigaoka 3-jō 3-chōme 1 - 4 Midorigaoka Central Store
Phone: 0166-74-8605
Business hours: 10:00 - 18:00
Regular holiday: Sunday
Parking: Yes

Amuse Market

This is also a greengrocer in Kaguraoka.
Vegetables and fruits our reporter have never seen are lined up here, surprising a lot of people everyday.

Many sweets and side dishes are displayed in front of and next to the cash register.
Our writer usually buys banana juice, but this time he bought the desired grilled potatoes!

The potato is coloured with a bright golden yellow. It looks absolutely delicious.
And yes, it's delicious.

The sweet potato is soft and mellow.
When you take a bite, the gentle sweetness spreads into your mouth.
It’s so sweet that our writer felt like he was eating a dessert.

It is a roasted dish with an outstanding sweetness and texture comparable to a high-class dessert ♪


Name: Amuse market
Address: Hokkaidō, Asahikawa-shi Kaguraoka 5-jō 4-chōme 1 - 5
Phone: 0166-73-7361
Business hours: 9:30 - 19:00
Regular holiday: Irregular holiday
Parking: Yes
Regular holiday: Sunday
Parking: Yes

Imoya Eikichi

It’s been a while since our writer had his eyes on this store because of its appearance.
I mean, who doesn’t ?
But many people may not know what kind of store it is.

Actually, it's a popular roasted sweet potato store.
It was even featured on TV ♪

As you can see, the sweet potato is thick and fleshy. It may look a bit dry but in reality it is moist and sweet !

You can feel that the owner went through a lot of errors and failure before getting to this level of mastery.
According to our reporter’s friend who went to this roasted sweet potato pilgrimage with, this shop have the most delicious golden vegetable.

The roasted sweet potato here managed to have the perfect balance between the sweetness, texture and flavour.


Name: Imoya Eikichi
Address: Hokkaidō, Asahikawa-shi 4-jōdori 22-chōme 5
Phone: 0166-35-1515
Business hours: 9:30 - 19:30
Regular holiday: Open every day
Parking: Yes

Daiichi Toko Store

Have you ever seen the grilled potatoes sold in the food section of a supermarket ?
Yes ? But have ever actually bought some ?

Actually, it's quite authentic and delicious!

As you can see the potato is shining with a vivid gold and have just the right amount of water.
Nobody would expect such a quality from a supermarket.

It's sweet and light. You can easily eat one whole potato.
The vegetable itself is quite small though. But it’s the perfect size to eat with one hand, while watching TV for example.


Name: Daiichi Toko Store
Address: Hokkaidō, Asahikawa-shi Tōkō 12-jō 6-chōme 5 - 203
Phone: 0166-35-4550
Business hours: 9: 00-21: 45
Regular holiday: Open every day
Parking: Yes

Super Arcs Toukou

Of course, the ARCS supermarket is also selling sweet potatoes.
First of all, this price makes our writer happy.
For a roasted sweet potato, which tends to be expensive, 198 yen (excluding tax) is cheap!

It looks completely different from the potatoes we saw until now.

The sweet potato here have an interesting texture: the fiber of the food is still present and have a high water content. The potato’s natural flavour and texture are packed inside.

Of course, the roasted sweet potato is hot when it’s “served,” but the potato here is delicious even after cooling down.
In other words, hot or cold, this potato is delicious for its price.


Name: Super Arcs Toko
Address: Hokkaidō, Asahikawa-shi Tōkō 10-jō 7-chōme 1 - 33
Phone: 0166-35-1717
Business hours: 9: 00-21: 45
Regular holiday: Open every day
Parking: Yes

Every single roasted potato was unique

Our writer thought that sweet potatoes are sweet potatoes, there is no way that one can taste THIS different from one to another.
This is embarrassing to think of how wrong he was. (He said it by himself)

It was like each shop had its own personality: the amount of water, the sweetness, the texture, everything is so different that it’s fun to try several types of sweet potatoes out.
Of course, it depends on the variety, but it is our recommended "sweet" you can eat deliciously at this time of the year!

*Prices may vary depending on the season

Translated from ryo’s article.



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I am in charge of translating in english some of asatan's articles.
I'm from France and I have been living in Hokkaido for 6 years.
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