22 Hokkaido Souvenirs you can buy at Asahikawa Airport!

22 Hokkaido Souvenirs you can buy at Asahikawa Airport!

It's easy to forget to buy souvenirs when you go on a trip or business trip. But if you remember at the airport on your way home, you still have a chance to get a little something for your friends and/or coworkers!


Asahikawa Airport has a wide range of souvenirs available. From limited edition products to Asahikawa’s surroundings specialities, you will surely find something that suit your taste !
In this article, we will introduce you the Asahikawa airport souvenirs recommended by the shop's staff and our editors.


Source: asatan

Azalea offers a wide range of sake and beer from Hokkaido and Asahikawa breweries!

The shop lines up a wide range of souvenirs.
Genghis Khan, seafood, cheese and other products that go well with alcohol are sold here. Among those, here are our popular and recommended gifts.

Recommended by the shop’s staff: LeTAO Double Fromage

Otaru is famous for LeTAO's sweets, and Azalea is the only shop in Asahikawa where you can buy them!
Their signature cheesecake, the Double Fromage, melts on your tongue and won the Yahoo! Search Award 2018 for the Best Order category for two years in a row.

They also sale 18 other LeTAO products !

Product information

Product name: Double Fromage
Price: 1,728 yen (tax included)

Recommended by Asatan’s editorial department: Etanbetsu’s Blue Cheesecake

Source: Azalea

This cheesecake is made with Ise Farm’s blue cheese. Located in Etanbetsu, a town 30 minutes drive from Asahikawa, Ise Farm’s blue cheese is so popular that it is always in short supply. If you want to buy their cheese, you will likely be on their website’s reservation waiting list.

The blue cheese is also used as an ingredient in JAL and ANA first class meals.

The cheesecake is only available in a limited number of outlets, including Restaurant Chirai in Etanbetsu, so if you see it, you're in luck!

Product information

Product name: Etanbetsu's Blue Cheesecake
Price: 2,850 yen (tax included)

Airport Lilas

Source: asatan

Airport Lilas offers a wide range of souvenirs from Hokkaido, including sweets, cute miscellaneous items, and ramen.
Airport Lilas’ products that have their roots in the Asahikawa suburbs, especially Higashikawa-cho!

All the goods sold here are local specialities !

Recommended by the shop’s staff: Hokkaido 3 Letter Code Drip Bag Coffee.

Each item is sold separately.
Image: Airport Lilas

This coffee is a collaboration between Airport Lilas and THE old CAFE in Asahikawa.

The seven airport of Hokkaido are divided into four different coffee flavours according to their areas:
The North Hokkaido blend have a rich and bitter flavour.
The East Hokkaido blend have an acid and fruity flavour.
The South Hokkaido blend have a sharp but deep taste.
The central Hokkaido blend have a refreshing, well-balanced flavour

The 3 letter code used as a name for the coffee, is the official airport code set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This three-letter abbreviation is used by more than 10,000 airports worldwide and is a universal code.

Asahikawa airport is written AKJ, abridged from AsahiKawa Japan and Hakodate airport is written HKD for HaKoDate.

This coffee product can only be bought in the airport and would be a great gift to coffee lovers.

Product information

Product Name: Asahikawa Airport Limited-edition: Hokkaido 3 Letter Code Drip Bag Coffee
Price: (1 item) 250 yen (tax included)

Recommended by the Asatan Editorial Department: Docolat

Each item is sold separately.
Source: Airport Lilas

Higashikagura Elementary school’s first to third graders drew pictures for the bean-to-bar Docolat chocolate package.

Made with the local milk from the Maeda Farm and the Nanatsuboshi rice produced in Higashikagura, this chocolate bar is embedded with North Hokkaido’s flavour.

Sold in mild milk chocolate and in crunchy rice black chocolate flavour, both are delicious !

Product information

Product name: Docolat (Asahikawa Airport Limited Edition)
Price: (1 item) 540 yen (tax included)

AKJ Books

Source: asatan

A must-have for airplane lovers!
They have a lot of stationery only available at Asahikawa Airport.

If you're looking for a book to read on the plane, we recommend you to stop by AKJ Books !

Recommended by the shop’s staff: Asahikawa Airport Limited Edition Stationery

From left to right: book shaped sticky notes, mini size tote bag, flight log book, stickers and clear files (3 types each)
Source: asatan

There are a total of six different types of stationery available exclusively at Asahikawa Airport!

The flight log book in the top right of the photo is becoming popular lately.

This notebook is used to write down the aircraft's cruising speed, flight altitude, etc. If you give it to the cabin attendant (CA) when you board, she will write down comments about the airplane and the flight status. And of course, the cabin attendant will give you back your note when you disembark.

It is recommended for people who love flying and want to keep a record of their journey.
Please note that the CA may not be able to write comments depending on their work schedule.

Product information

(From left to right)
Product name: Book-type sticky note (Asahikawa Airport Limited)
Price: 350 yen (tax included)

Product Name: Mini Size Tote Bag (Asahikawa Airport Limited)
Price: 500 yen (tax included)

Product Name: Flight Log Book (Asahikawa Airport Limited)
Price: 660 yen (tax included)

Product Name: AKJ Manmaru Stickers (Asahikawa Airport Limited)
Price: 300 yen per sticker (tax included)

Product Name: AKJ Runway Sticker (Asahikawa Airport Limited)
Price: 300 yen per sticker (tax included)

Product Name: AKJ Runway Clear File (Asahikawa Airport Limited)
Price: 250 yen per piece (tax included), 600 yen for a set of 3 pieces (tax included)

Recommended by the Asatan editorial department: a Leather Bookmark printed with a poem written by Satoshi Kuramoto

The words on the right were also used in the drama "A Gentle Time".
Source: asatan

It is a leather bookmark printed with a poem written by So Kuramoto, the famous screenwriter of "From the North".

As you use the bookmark, it will likely change over time, together with you and after 5 years or 10 years, when you look at the bookmarks, you will remember your trip to Hokkaido!

How about this souvenir ?

Product information

Product name: Leather bookmark (left: turning back)
Price: 360 yen (tax included)

Product name: Leather bookmark (Right: Clock in the forest)
Price: 360 yen (tax included)


Source: asatan

ANA FESTA is a shop that sells a variety of unique products, including Hatsune Miku goods and boxer shorts printed with foodstuff patterns that you can only find in Hokkaido.
If you're looking for something a little different, this is the place to go.

Recommended by the shop’s staff: Kibana Caramel Waltz

Source: asatan

Kihana is one of Asahikawa's most popular souvenirs, but the Caramel Waltz can only be bought at Asahikawa Airport, New Chitose Airport and Tsuboya's main shop.

It is made from white chocolate with burnt caramel. This bittersweet treat is not something you can find everywhere !

Product information

Product name: CARAMEL Waltz
Price: 1,350 yen (tax included)

Recommended by the Asatan editorial department: Snow Miku Plushie

©Crypton Future Media,INC.
©1976 , 2019 SANRIO CO.,LTD. APPROVAL NO.S603043

This plushie is a collaboration between "Snow Miku (Hatsune Miku)," a character that supports and represent Hokkaido, and "Hello Kitty".

The plushie is very soft to the touch and popular to girls and boys of all ages.

At ANA FESTA, there are a total of 7 other Hatsune Miku related products.
If you're a fan, you will surely find something that will move your heart !

Since their stock is limited, we recommend you to make a call before you come to the shop.

Product information

Product Name: Snow Miku Plushie
Price: 5,280 yen (including tax)

Asahikawa Bussan

Source: asatan

Asahikawa Bussan is the only place in the airport where you can buy Hokkaido's famous sweets, Ainu traditional goods, and Asahiyama Zoo goods !
It is a fun place to come with your children while waiting for your flight.

Recommended by the shop’s staff: Shishamo smelt from Hokkaido

Left: Male shishamo smelt / Right: shishamo smelt with roes
Source: asatan

Hokkaido Shishamo is produced by Marutomi Yoshikawa Suisan in Asahikawa.

The male and the pregnant female are packaged separately.
The males taste better than the females, but the shishamo with roes is well-liked by children.

Try to grill some to enjoy a plump and juicy shishamo!

Product information

Product name: Shishamo Males
Price: 1,329 yen (tax included)

Product name: Shishamo smelt with roes
Price:1,329 yen (tax included)

Recommended by the Asatan editorial department: Asato Genghis Khan

Source: asatan

Asahikawa's Yoneya Industry is a meat processing company that produces Genghis Khan (barbecue grilled mutton meat).
A tender lamb shoulder loin with a well-balanced amount of lean and fat can be bought here !

You can also eat some at the Teppan-yaki Asato restaurant in Asahikawa Airport !
You can eat at the restaurant and bring some home to eat with friends or family.

Product information

Product name: Asato Genghis Khan
Price: 864 yen (tax included)

Point 7

Source: asatan

Tomita Farm originally brought its products here so that Asahikawa citizens could buy their lavender-related products without having to travel to Furano.
A lot of locals are regulars of this store.

Recommended by the shop’s staff: Lavender Reed Diffuser / Lavender Oil Diffuser
Left: Lavender Reed Diffuser / Lavender Oil Diffuser
Source: asatan

What kind of pictures comes to your mind when we say “Hokkaido” ?
Furano’s flower fields ?
Then, we recommend you Farm Tomita's Lavender Reed Diffuser and/or Lavender Oil Diffuser.

The sticks absorb the fragrance oil and/or the lavender oil to spread the lavender scent.
When we had to open the diffusers for a few minutes to take a picture. When we finished shooting, the shop was filled with the scent of lavender.

The two products are similar but have different scents, so we recommend you to try a tester before deciding which one you buy.
You can also buy both, of course !

Product information

Product name: Lavender reed diffuser
Price: 1,078 yen (tax included)

Product name: Lavender oil diffuser
Price: 1,243 yen (tax included)

Recommended by the Asatan editorial department: Yukara ori goods

Left: Medication case, Middle: Mini pouch, Right: Small accessory case
Source: asatan

Yukara ori is a traditional handicraft in Hokkaido.

Woven by hand, yukara ori have an unique texture that cannot be reproduced by a machine.
Spinning the yarn is usually done by machine, but yukara ori craftsmen do this by hand too!

When you hold the product, you can feel its unique texture.
There are many other types of products available, so feel free to stop by !

Product information

Product name: Medication book case
Price:4,180yen (tax included)

Product Name:Mini Pouch
Price:3,300yen (tax included)

Product name: Petit accessory case
Price:2,420 yen (tax included)

Mochi-dokoro Ikkyu Daifukudo

Source: asatan

Ikkyu Daifukudo has shops in Asahikawa and Sapporo.
The airport branch sells Daifuku and soft-serve ice cream and other best-selling products from Asahikawa's popular confectionary shops.

Recommended by the shop’s staff: Kurumi Monaka

Source: asatan

The kurumi monaka is a walnut shaped crust filled with a homemade walnut paste.

The walnuts are kneaded into a bean paste, giving an interesting, crunchy texture.

Many people have an image that Japanese sweets are very sweet, but this monaka is not so sweet !

Japanese traditional sweets are often described as being “too sweet,” but this monaka is different sweet since the sweetness of the treat mainly comes from the walnuts.

Product information

Product name: Walnut Monaka
Price: 180 yen (tax included)

Recommended by the Asatan editorial department: Melon Castella

Source: asatan

We wanted to introduce you the Daifuku, but its shelf life is too short to be recommended here.
As we were looking around the shop, we noticed the "Melon Castella" made by the long-established "Handmade Confectionery Kiku-ya" in Asahikawa.

The moment you open the package, the melon’s scent spreads around you.
If you like melons, you will be charmed from the first bite as the soft dough and the melon flavour melt in your mouth.

Sponge cake and melon surprisingly go well together.

Product information

Product name: Melon Castella
Price: 600 yen (tax included)


Source: asatan

The rice farmers at Ukegawa Farm want to share their delicious rice with as many people as possible. Their curry is so popular that this shop has been featured many times in Asatan.

They sell rice and other souvenirs!

Recommended by the shop’s staff: Ukegawa Farm’s three rice bags

Left: Nanatsuboshi center: Yumepirika Right: Oborozuki 5kg each

The rice farmers at Ukegawa Farm want to share their delicious rice with as many people as possible. Their curry is so popular that this shop has been featured many times in Asatan.

Is this airport shop, they sell rice and other souvenirs !

Product information

Product Name: Nanatsuboshi 5kg
Price:2,268 yen (tax included)

Product Name: Yumepirika 5kg
Price:2,376yen ((tax included))

Product Name: Oborozuki 5kg
Price:2,268 yen (tax included)

You can also order 2kg and 10kg at the shop.

Recommended by the Asatan editorial department: No-Ca-Ya eco-bag

Source: asatan

Handmade eco-bags from Ukegawa Farm.
Each one is carefully crafted and pretty!

The bag has a persimmon tannin finish, so it's safe even on rainy days.
It has a wide gusset so you can fit a lot of stuff in it!

Since last year, plastic bags aren’t free anymore and eco-bags are everywhere !
The handles are available in three different colours.
Its a great souvenir for yourself or your friends !

Product information

Product name: No-Ca-Ya eco bag
Price: 1,500 yen (tax included)


Source: asatan

Blue Sky offers a wide range of souvenirs, some of which can only be bought at Hokkaido airports, such as JALUX limited edition souvenirs.

There is also a popular service that offers a 5% discount when you present your JAL card after spending over 1,000 yen in one go.

Please note that some items are not eligible for this service.

Recommended by the shop’s staff: Hokkaido Melon Chocolate Cookies


If you have a lot of people to give gifts to, like classmates or coworkers, you might need a little something individually wrapped.

This is what the Melon Chocolate Cookies are for !
Moreover, Hokkaido is famous for its melons.

Three layers of chocolate, melon sauce and a crunchy cookie dough! This harmonious little treat will make everyone you give it to delighted!

Product information

Product name: Hokkaido Melon Chocolate Cookie
Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)

Recommended by the Asatan editorial department: Kitanogama Hyakunen An-Donut

4 pieces per box
Source: asatan

Unlike Japan’s main island, Honshu, Hokkaido has a short history. The sweets we presented here are azuki red bean paste doughnuts made with a modern twist while inheriting the taste of the Kawaoka Confectionery that has been loved for over 100 years.

The doughnuts are filled with a red bean paste made with soft and smooth azuki red beans grown in Hokkaido.
Enjoy the traditional taste of the Bifuka town, in Hokkaido, passed from generation to generation for over 100 years.

Product information

Product Name: Kitanogama Hyakunen An-Donut
Price: 648 yen (tax included)

MILK STAND esperio

Source: asatan

The sister shop of Restaurant Esperio on Asahiyama Zoo Road.

The airport branch sells organic milk and soft ice cream from Okoppe, east Hokkaido.

Recommended by the shop’s staff: Okhotsk Okoppe Fermented Butter

Source: asatan

At the North Plain Farm in Okkoppe, the butter is made traditionally with a butter churn.

Made with lactic acid bacteria, which gives it has a slightly sour taste.
The croissants, made with the butter mentioned above and baked in the shop, are also very attractive.

Product information

Product name: Okhotsk Okoppe Fermented Butter
Price: 972 yen (tax included)

Recommended by the Asatan editorial department: Okhotsk Okoppe Organic Mozzarella Cheese

Source: asatan

This fresh cheese is made from 100% organic milk.

Organic milk is milk from cows that have been fed with grass grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. And of course, no GMO has been used in their food.
There are many other requirements for the "organic" certification.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to obtain an “organic" milk certification and there are still very few companies that have done so.

It is very difficult to obtain this certification and there are still very few companies that have it.

Try to eat it in salads or on pizza, you will be delighted !

Product information

Product name: Okhotsk Okoppe Organic Mozzarella Cheese
Price: 756 yen (tax included)

Uotsune Akeda

Source: asatan

Uotsune Akeda has its main shop in Wakkanai.
Every morning, fishes and shellfishes are unloaded from the boat and flash frozen. They are then sold in Asahikawa.
But even in Asahikawa, many of this shop’s products are only available here.

Recommended by the shop’s staff: dried overnight Okhotsk atka mackerel

Source: asatan

The Okhotsk atka mackerel is salted and dried overnight by using Rishiri's fishmongers’ traditional methods.
Those drying methods have been passed down for over 70 years.

With its perfect amount of fat and its great flavour, this fish goes well with alcohol too !

Hokkaido’s sea is delicious and we believe that this is the perfect gift for fish lovers !

Product information

Product Name: Dried Sea Bream - Kita no Ichiboshi
Price: 880 yen (tax included)

Recommended by the Asatan editorial department: Rishiri Kelp Ramen

Source: asatan

Rishiri Kombu Ramen won the local instant ramen grand prize.

It is a "light" salt ramen with kelp broth that makes you want to finsh your bowl and drink up the soup!

The noodles are slippery and firm, it feels like they are using good dried noodles. Shredded kelp is included in the package and when mixed in, the noodles become so slippery that they naturally slip into your mouth.

You can also buy tororo kelp (sold separately) to add some extra flavour.
We highly recommend buying the kombu ramen and the tororo kombu kelp as a set !

Product information

Product Name: Rishiri Kelp Ramen
Price: 300 yen (tax included)


This has been an introduction to the souvenirs available at Asahikawa Airport.

We were surprised to see that there are not only souvenirs from Asahikawa, but also souvenirs from all over Hokkaido.
There are still many attractive souvenirs available at Asahikawa Airport!

If you are visiting for sightseeing or work, or if you live in Asahikawa, why not drop in and see what they have to offer ?

Facility Information

Facility Name: Asahikawa Airport
Address: Hokkaidō Kamikawa-gun Higashikagura Machihigashi 2-sen 16-gō 98-banchi
Opening hours: 7:55 am - 8:00 pm (opening hours may vary due to flight cancellations)
Closed: Open all year round
Parking: Available

Translated from Asatan official's article.



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Things I like : drawing, pokemon, online games,
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