Discover our three perfect parfait shops! ♡

Discover our three perfect parfait shops! ♡

Have you ever had a craving for a parfait? Surprisingly, there are many shops in Asahikawa that have parfaits on their menu. From traditional cafes to new modern cafe and even restaurants, parfaits are everywhere ! This time, we will introduce parfaits from modern cafes.

Risotteria.GAKU tre

A restaurant specialised on risotto shop located on the 4 Jo main street.
The shop offers a wide variety of risotto, handmade gelato, parfaits and à la carte.

There are about 4 parking spaces in front of the shop and another 15 spaces at the back.

Since “late-night Parfait” became popular, stores specialised on night parfait upsurged in Sapporo and Tokyo.

The parfait on the menu the day our writer went, looked amazing and the sketch greatly raised our expectations.

There were two types, "Daisetsuzan" and “The Olympic Flame: Strawberry and chocolate parfait.”
In addition to parfaits, several desserts like puddings, tiramisu, gelato, etc... were available.


After hesitating for a while, our writer went for the Daisetsuzan Parfait.

It looked just like the sketch at the entrance.
Like the mountain summit, the parfait is topped with a white roasted meringue and some thyme leaves.
Mixing thyme with meringue isn’t usual here and our writer was surprised to see how well it goes with the sweet. It was refreshing and the sweetness of the meringue stood out.

Underneath the meringue you will find a mellow cheese cream and apple gelato accentuated with caramelised nuts.
The next layer is the rich raspberry gelato’s.
Our writer mixed the tea jelly at the bottom with the other layers.

The parfait had a great variety of flavour and ingredients, several textures. Cold and soft ice cream, a hot meringue and crunchy caramelised nuts,...
The dessert was playful yet luxurious.

* Shop info *
Risotteria.GAKU tre

・ Address: Asahikawa-shi 4-jōdori 20-chōme 1720 - 4
・ Telephone: 0166-85-6391
・ Business hours: 11: 30-22: 00
・ Regular holiday: Thursday
・ Official site:

Asahikawa Coffee: Cafe de Collins

Founded in 1982, this long-established cafe was formerly located in the Marui Department Store.
Cafe de Collins can be found now in the basement (-1F) of the Ash Building shopping outlet since summer 2018.
Its home-roasted coffee and delicious meals are very popular and the cafe is always crowded.

The cafe is large and have a bright atmosphere.
Our writer went to the cafe after lunch time, right after the rush hour.

The menu includes risotto, doria, curry, pasta, omelet rice, and pizza.
For dessert you can choose between 6 types of parfaits, cakes, waffles, jellies and yogurt.

Chocolate Parfait

Our writer chose a Chocolate Parfait according to her child request.
A Strawberry is placed on the top of the high cream tower.
Below this, everything is chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

It's quite a lot for one person to eat, especially right after lunch, so you may want to bring some friends to defeat the tower.
If you love chocolate ice cream, this is the parfait to go for !

* Shop info *
Asahikawa Coffee Cafe de Collins
・ Address: Asahikawa-shi 1-jōdori 7-chōme 43 - 40 Shopping Park ash Building B1F
・ Telephone: 0166-26-8656
・ Business hours: 10: 00-20: 30
・ Regular holidays: Open daily, irregular holidays
・Official site:


Located in in Higashi Asahikawa, No-Ca-Ya is well-known for its curry.
They also have a branch in Asahikawa Airport.

Since its opening in May 2020, No-Ca-Ya’s popularity kept growing and is always crowded.

From the large windows inside the store, you can see the Daisetsu Mountains and the vast rice fields of the Ukegawa Farm.
The warmth of the wood and the high ceilings create a relaxing atmosphere.

In addition to the infamous vegetable-abundant curry, there are also many desserts and drinks.
Thanks to its warm atmosphere and generous menu, this restaurant can also be used as a cafe.

All the parfaits look gorgeous and delicious !
There was also a limited time parfait.

The apple and cheese cream parfait

Since it’s not available all year-round, our reporter decided to try out the limited-time parfait: the apple and cheese parfait.
This is not a usual flavour for a parfait our writer looking forward to it!

The parfait is filled with boiled apples, cheese cream, soft ice cream, maple ice cream, granola, fresh cream and homemade apple jelly. The colours are well-balanced and the decorations skilfully placed. The parfait is stylish and majestic.
And if you wish, you can sprinkle some cinnamon powder on it.

Their parfait is also delicious!

Next time, our writer wants to try the popular curry out.

* Shop info *

・ Address: Asahikawa-shi, Higashi Asahikawa-chō, kamihei-mura 384
・ Telephone: 080-9619-6942
・ Business hours: 11: 00-19: 00
・ Regular holiday: Thursday
・ Official site:

Sometimes, you just need a parfait to feel better.

Sometimes it feels good to go out alone and relax with a parfait.
The fiscal and school year is almost over.
Why not treat yourself a parfait to heal the tiredness and give yourself a reward ?

Translated from Mami’s article.



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I am in charge of translating in english some of asatan's articles.
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