Spinning capsule toys around Asahikawa!

Spinning capsule toys around Asahikawa!

Featured on TV, popular around the net, called Gachapon or Gacha by Japanese, those capsule toys are everywhere! Even in small towns like Asahikawa you can find a lot of different gachapon. Weird ones, cute ones, funny ones, bizarre ones to high quality ones, there is capsule toys for everyone!

Let’s start spinning!

Here are the funniest-cutest gachas we found in Asahikawa!

Motivated to sleep, 200¥
Source: ryo

Motivated to do nothing but sleep animals figures.
It was so cute that our reporter couldn’t help himself but to buy it.

Source: ryo

After spinning the machine, our writer got a wombat!
After getting one, you’ll want to collect ‘em all!

Source: ryo

A realistic tortoise popular on SNS and YouTube partially because the gestures of the animal, with its hands and mouth moving, are perfectly reproduced.

Turtles and tortoise owners will not resist to this gachapon!

Miniature collection-Sakura craypas (crayon+pastel) ver. /300yen
Source: ryo

Many Japanese owned those Sakura-branded stationeries as a kid since their target are elementary school students. Seeing those stationeries as an adult make them feel nostalgic about their childhood.
Theses capsule toys reproduces Sakura-branded stationeries as key holders.

A must-spin to remember some of your childhood memories!

The miniature vending machine 5 /300 yen
Source: ryo

A miniature vending machine that drops drinks when you press the lever.
The quality is great for a 300¥ product!

The Ice Vending Machine/300yen
Source: ryo

There is also an ice cream vending machine.
And of course, a small ice cream model comes out!

Glow! Ring! With light sound! Finest component stereo/400 yen
Source: ryo

Glow! Ring! With light sound! A model that can no longer be thought of as the quality of a Gacha!

If you like audio, you will definitely spin it!

SLR camera LED sound light/300yen
Source: ryo

This one also shines and rings! It's a mini-camera this time.
Since there are many hobby-oriented gachas it's attracting a lot of people.

Dogbird /200¥
Source: ryo

Dogs are becoming birds!
Our writer’s eyes were stolen by this Gacha at first sight!
Yes, this is totally because our reporter loves birds.

Source: ryo

And he turned again the capsule toy machine without thinking!
But this is kinda cute, isn’t it ?
I began to wonder how this creature is supposed to cry.

Mini daypack 6 / 300¥
Source: ryo

A miniature bag that can actually be used as an accessory case.
A little carabiner clip is included so you can attach it to your favorite bag.

Marathon Watch/300 yen
Source: ryo

A stopwatch for timing marathons? False! It’s a clock.
Since it glows, you can check the time at night or in low-light places.

Pakupaku Puppet Animal/200yen
Source: ryo

Here comes a pretty surrealistic finger doll!
Play alone, play with a friend, it’s up to you!

Baketako / 200¥
Source: ryo

It’s scary.
But for some obscure reason our writer spun it.
The baseball ball octopus is the most surreal of them.

Tabekko Animal Figure vol.1/300 yen
Source: ryo

Actually, this Gacha was so popular that it was featured on TV! As a result it got immediately sold out.
Our writer found it by chance and luckily got the character he wanted...

Source: ryo

The lion!
The amount of joy you get when you finally acquire the gacha you had eyes for, is indescribable.

Spots to spin in Asahikawa

Don Quijote - Asahikawa store

Don Quijote - Asahikawa store
Address: Hokkaidō asahikawa-shi shunkō 1-jō 8-chōme 1 - 65 MEGA Don Quijote Asahikawa Store 3F
Phone: 0166-53-3810
Business hours: 9:00 to 26:00
Regular holiday: Open daily
Parking lot: Available

AEON MALL - East Asahikawa Store

AEON MALL - Asahikawa Nishi
Address: Hokkaidō asahikawa-shi Midorichō 23-chōme 2161 - 3, AEON MALL, Asahikawa Nishi 1F
Phone: 0166-59-7900
Business hours: 9:00~21:00
Regular holiday: Open daily
Parking lot: Available

Capsule Toy Shop, AEON MALL, Asahikawa station store

Capsule toy shop - AEON MALL Asahikawa station square store
Address: Hokkaidō asahikawa-shi Miyashitadōri 7-chōme 2 - 5, AEON MALL, Asahikawa ekimae
Phone: 0166-76-7696
Business hours: 9:00~21:00
Regular holiday: Open daily
Parking lot: Available


There were many other interesting capsule toys!
Our reporter will surely write about again!
Cute, weird, interesting and high quality gacha are all year round available so why not looking at the gacha while taking a stroll in Asahikawa ?

Translated from ryo's article.



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