Asahikawa station's highlights!

Asahikawa station's highlights!

Unless going to work, school or travelling, Asahikawa’s citizens don’t spend a lot of time in the train station. The current station building was completed in 2012. Soon after that, an AEON MALL store and Asahikawa Kitasaito Garden opened its doors. In this article, we will introduce some secret places of Asahikawa Station that even its citizens do not know!

Asahikawa Tourist Information Center

The Asahikawa Tourist Information Center is located near the East gate side.
Volunteers are stationed at the information counter to provide tourists information about sightseeing spots and restaurants in Asahikawa and its surroundings.
Many tourist-oriented pamphlets are available too. And even if you know a lot about Asahikawa, the surrounding municipalities may have some surprises for you!

At the far end of the Asahikawa Tourist Information Center is located the Eki Naka Shokudo Na no Hana, where you can enjoy the authentic Asahikawa ramen and Etanbetsu soba.

Moreover, various local products and specialities from Asahikawa and Hokkaido are lined up in the display and sale corner. If you want to buy souvenirs or send a gift to someone, this is your place!

Ishikawa Takuboku Stele

Takuboku Ishikawa (石川 啄木, Ishikawa Takuboku, February 20, 1886 – April 13, 1912) was a Japanese poet. He died of tuberculosis. Well known as both a tanka and "modern-style" (新体詩, shintaishi) or "free-style" (自由詩, jiyūshi) poet, he began as a member of the Myōjō group of naturalist poets but later joined the "socialistic" group of Japanese poets and renounced naturalism.

Did you know that there is an Ishikawa Takuboku Stele in the Asahikawa Tourist Information Center ?

It was designed based upon Takuboku Ishikawa’s song "Suijouki ressha no mado ni hana no go to iteshi o shimuru akatsuki no iro" that he composed during his stay in Asahikawa as he was heading to Kushiro in 1891.

You can sit next to Ishikawa Takuboku and take a commemorative photo.

Asahikawa Museum of Sculpture in Honor of Teijiro Nakahara

Nakahara Teijiro is a sculptor of the Taisho era and was born in Kushiro City, but when he was an elementary school student, he transferred to the current Asahikawa Municipal Nissho Elementary School where he spent his childhood.

The Asahikawa Museum of Sculpture in Honor of Teijiro Nakahara was built to commemorate the success of Nakahara Teijiro but the works of sculptors who were associated with Asahikawa and Hokkaido are also exposed and can be enjoyed for free.

Ainu Culture Information Corner

Right next to the Asahikawa Museum of Sculpture in Honor of Teijiro Nakahara is located the Ainu Culture Information Corner where documents, clothing and other artefacts related to the Ainu culture and its history in the Asahikawa area are displayed.

Since the exhibition space is not so large, only few artefacts can be seen but an « Asahikawa Ainu Culture Exploration Map » is displayed, where Ainu related spots such as the Asahikawa City Museum and the Kawamura Kaneto Ainu Memorial Museum are introduced.

Asahikawa Kitasaito Garden

The Asahikawa Kitasaito Garden is located on the South side of Asahikawa Station. Within a large area of about 12 hectares, several themed gardens are built to enjoy the characteristics of each season.

From spring to autumn, many citizens are jogging and strolling in the park.
There is a garden center and a shop in the park where you can relax and enjoy a soft-serve ice cream with some herbal tea.



Asahikawa Furniture

In the Asahikawa Station you can find many « Asahikawa Furnitures », you can sit or touch the furnitures to enjoy their design and functionality.

On weekday evenings and holidays, many high school students are studying on the displayed tables and chairs. One day, these high school students might play an active role nationwide (or even worldwide) in the future, conveying the splendour of « Asahikawa Furniture ».


What did you think of Asahikawa’s station ?

We introduced several ways to enjoy Asahikawa Station that even Asahikawa citizens do not know. Moreover, the Asahikawa Station is connected to an AEON MALL, so we can enjoy Asahikawa Station even during shopping!

Translated from 都良 (TORA)'s article.



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