Asahikawa in 8 beautiful sceneries!

Asahikawa in 8 beautiful sceneries!

The "Asahikawa Eight Scenic Spots" were selected based on the citizens opinions in 1997 to represent the city. Each place is a symbol of Asahikawa and a must-see for travellers.

The Asahi Bridge

There are 167 rivers running through Asahikawa, and over 750 bridges spanning them. One of the most famous bridges in Asahikawa is the Asahi Bridge. Construction of the present Asahi Bridge began in 1929 and took three years to complete.

The bridge is the symbol of the military city of Asahikawa and used to play an important role as it linked the city to the headquarters of the 7th Division. The bridge has a beautiful arched shape and has been selected as a "Hokkaido Heritage” site.

Arashiyama and its view

Arashiyama is a 253m high park bordering Takasu-cho named after Arashiyama in Kyoto. From the park’s observatory located at the top of the park, you have an overall view of Asahikawa with the Daisetsuzan Mountain range in the background.

At the foot of the mountain is one of the largest northern wildflower gardens in Japan, the Arashiyama Park Asahikawa Wildflower Garden, where you can see more than 600 species of wildflowers from spring to autumn. There is a free car park near the observatory to easily explore the area.

Foreign Tree Species Forest (Gaikoku Jushu Nihonrin)

This forest is famous for being the setting for the novel "Freezing Point" written by Ayako Miura, a novelist born and raised in Asahikawa. In 1898, about 30 trees, including white pines and European larches, were planted in order to observe whether trees from other countries could grow in Hokkaido. Today, about 6,000 trees of 52 species are grown on an 18-hectare site.

The Miura Ayako Memorial Literature Museum, located at the entrance to the forest, displays many of Ayako Miura's works and belongings, and is still visited by many Miura Ayako fans.

Kamui Kotan

Kamuy-kotan also appeared in the popular comic Golden Kamuy, is the place where Toshizo Hijikata cut the suspension bridge and dropped Shiraishi into the river to prevent Shiraishi from being taken to the 7th Division. In the river, Kiroranke tried to save him with a wooden boat.

This is one of the fastest areas of the Ishikari River: the river suddenly narrows and flows violently. The Ainu who used to live around here met numbers of difficulties when they had to sail on the Ishikari River by boat. Because of the number of water accidents that occurred, the Ainu people began to call the area "Kamuy Kotan," meaning "the dwelling of the gods", believing that this was the work of a Ninne Kamui (meaning "bad god") who lived in the gorge.

Kamuy Kotan is a scenic area of about 10km. From strange rocks to the suspension bridge.
The strangely shaped rocks are created by the rapid. The Kamuy Kotan Oana Group (the group of rocks eroded by the river) has been designed by Asahikawa as a natural monument.

The best course for a Golden Kamuy journey around Asahikawa! | asatan

Introduced as a military city in the popular comic and anime « Golden Kamuy », many fans are going on a trip to visit the places that appeared in their favorite comic. Here are the spots around Asahikawa from which Golden Kamuy events are inspired.

Asahikawa Kaikosha (Asahikawa Museum of Sculpture in Honor of Teijiro Nakahara)

The former Asahikawa Kaikosha is a beautiful white building built in 1905. Formerly used as a social hall for the officers of the former 7th Division of the Army, the building was afterward used as a museum and called "Asahikawa Folk Museum". The Kaikosha is even now a museum, however it is currently called Asahikawa Museum of Sculpture in Honor of Teijiro Nakahara. The museum features a sculptor associated with Asahikawa. In 1989, the museum was designated as a national important cultural property.

This place also appears in the background of the panel "Asahikawa is the headquarters of the 7th Division" in chapter 50 of volume 6 of "Golden Kamuy".

The Tokiwa Park

The Tokiwa Park was the first park to be established in Asahikawa in 1910. The 16 hectare park includes the Central Library, the Hokkaido Museum of Art, a Public Hall, the Kamikawa Shrine Tongu and many outdoor sculptures.

By the way, there is an urban legend saying that if a couple rides a boat on the Chidori Pond in the park they will definitely break up.
Our reporter remembers riding it when he was in high school.

The Heiwadori Street shopping Park (Heiwa Doori Kaimono Kouen)

Established in Asahikawa in 1972 and one kilometre away from the station, the Heiwa Street mall Park is the first pedestrian mall in Japan. Since the Seibu Asahikawa department shop closed, the scenery has greatly changed. Likewise, a lot of shops closed or moved since the Showa Era, nowadays you can see chain restaurants and pubs on either side of the street. The Heiwadori Street shopping Park changed a lot over the years but it is still one of the most popular spots in Asahikawa's station street.

There are still some long-established coffee shops and cafeterias, so please feel free to stop by if you want to experience the Showa Era’s retro atmosphere.

Diamond Dust

The last of Asahikawa's 8 sceneries is "Diamond Dust.” Unfortunately we don't have a picture of it. Asahikawa observed the lowest temperature of - 41.0℃ on January 25, 1902. Nowadays, it doesn't get that cold, but on days when the temperature is below - 20℃, you can see sparkling diamond dust dancing in the city.

Don’t hesitate to search for pictures on the net, it’s really beautiful.


This time, we introduced eight beautiful sceneries symbolising Asahikawa. For Asahikawa citizens, it may be a familiar scenery, but for tourists, it may be an impressive scenery. We recommend you to stop by these places if you are around Asahikawa. And don’t forgot tell us what you think them !

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