Asahikawa's Unique Dorayaki Vol.2

Asahikawa's Unique Dorayaki Vol.2

When people are craving for sugar, they often think about Western confectionery like pancake, pudding or cake. But maybe some Japanese people may long for Japanese sweets with overflowing red bean paste?

Here are our slightly unusual dorayaki stores for Japanese sweets lovers in Asahikawa

In the past years, Western confectionery popularity rose up due to the Instagram trend.
Dorayaki is attractive because it can be easily eaten with one hand and can even be purchased at convenience stores.

However, the dorayaki sold at convenience store is often a normal adzuki red bean filled one... Since you may be already tired of this standard taste, delicious and unusual dorayaki may be better, isn't it?

This is our second article about slightly unusual dorayaki available in Asahikawa.

① Anan Fukui Seianjo "Matcha Dorayaki" 180 yen

Anan Fukui Seianjo "Matcha Dorayaki" 180 yen

Anan Fukui Seianjo is a red bean paste factory developing products centred on red bean paste using Hokkaido adzuki red beans called “Shumari”.

In Hokkaido, Tokachi adzuki beans are famous, but Anan Fukui Seianjo uses the "Shumari Azuki", which has been bred according to the land of Hokkaido: with a large temperature difference.

This maker uses the bean paste in various sweets like yokan, amanatto, dorayaki and other adzuki-based products.

Among those delicacies, our writer was interested in the "Matcha Dorayaki"

The dorayaki's bean paste made by kneading the red bean paste and Uji high-quality matcha and is exquisite.
Even if it is made by a bean paste factory, the adzuki flavours aren’t that strong and retain the flavor of matcha. The sweetness of the bean paste and the light dough are perfectly balanced.

Even though the large dough contains a lot of red bean paste, since it only contains the right amount of sugar, it doesn’t feel heavy and in the blink of the eyes your snack will disappear in the abyss of your stomach.

The red bean paste kneaded with high-quality matcha dorayaki.

Anan Fukui Seianjo Anan Fukui Brewery
Address: Asahikawa City 2 Jodori 20-chome Left 9
Phone: 0166-73-5224
Business hours: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
Regular holidays: None

② Kikuya Confectionery store "Kuridora" 140 yen

Kikuya’s "Kuridora" 140 yen

Kikuya is a confectionery store selling Japanese and Western sweets.

There are both Japanese and Western sweets, seasonal products, and, from time to time, new sweets. When entering the store, you may wonder what to buy.

Chestnuts are mixed in a simple, moderately sweetened "red bean paste".
The moist but firm dough creates a perfect balance between the chestnuts and the coarse red bean paste.

If you can’t make a decision about which snack you want to eat, go to “Kikuya”. They have everything from cakes, castella to manju and dorayaki.
Everyone can find his ideal snack here!

The balance between chestnuts and red bean paste is exquisite!

Confectionery Kikuya
Address: Asahikawa-shi Tōkō 11-jō 1-chōme 2 - 12
Telephone: 0166-31-3883
Business hours: 9:30 - 19:00
Regular holiday: Wednesday

Confectionery Kikuya A Mall
Address: Asahikawa-shi Toyooka 3-jō 2-chōme 2 - 19 A Mall
Telephone: 0166-31-2213
Business hours: 10:00 - 20:00
Regular holidays: Same as A Mall

③ Fukufukumanju Honpo Katoya "Kanten Kuromame Dorayaki" 180 yen

Fukufukumanju Honpo Katoya "Kanten Kuromame Dorayaki" 180 yen

In Asahikawa, Fukufukumanju Honpo Katoya is famous for their “Ageman”, fried manju.

The ageman is fried after you order a sesame manju or a yomogi (mugwort) manju. The outside of the manju is crispy yet the inside is fluffy. A delicacy allowing you to enjoy a brand new taste and texture.

But this time we will talk about the "Kanten Kuromame Dorayaki”

By the way, Kanten Kuromame Dorayaki means agar black bean dorayaki.

The best black beans from Kamikawa are boiled down with agar and honey and wrapped in a large dough made with carefully selected eggs.
The “Delicious way to eat the Kanten Kuromame Dorayaki” is explained on the package:
Heat up a dorayaki at once for 10 seconds in a microwave to enjoy the soft texture of the dough.

After actually heating the dorayaki up the honey and the agar soak into the dough, which is why you can enjoy a fluffy freshly-baked-like dough. This with the indescribable texture of the large black beans is a true delight.

Katoya handles unusual products like the "Ageman" and the "Kanten Kuromame Dorayaki”, in which you can enjoy not only the taste but also the texture, two birds one stone !

When heated, the "fluffiness" of the dough doubles!

Fukufukumanju Honpo Katoya
Address: Asahikawa-shi Minami 6-jō-tsū 24-chōme 1975 - 314
Phone number: 0166-34-8800
Business hours: 10: 00-17: 00 (Saturday-17: 30)
Regular holiday: Wednesday Thursday


Sweet-toothed people may already know about these three shops but we wanted to feature their dorayaki. Even in Asahikawa there are great places to eat dorayaki.

As he wrote this article, our reporter surprised himself to find out that he actually prefers Japanese sweets like "Dorayaki" to Western sweets and cakes.

By the way, our writer also likes the dorayaki-lover Doraemon !

More dorayaki articles may come out in a nearby future, please check them out if you’re interested !

Translated from Harusuke’s article.



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