Enjoy the scenery while eating delicious food!

Enjoy the scenery while eating delicious food!

From rice and tomato to flowers, let’s discover restaurants and cafes run by farmers. Vast and beautiful landscapes, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables here and there. Let’s take a break from the daily stress to relax in Asahikawa’s farms. Today’s reporter, Mami will show us around!

Naya cafe / Ueno farm

Located in Nagayama-cho, Ueno Farm Garden attracts a great number of tourists from every corner of Japan.
An entrance fee is required to visit the garden, but you can enter the cafe and garden shop just outside the entrance for free.

Reopened on April 18, 2020 after its renovation, Naya Cafe is a spacious barn with a high ceiling.
Tables were placed with a space between seats to prevent corona virus infection.
You can also take out your food to eat it in front of the garden.

The menu is filled with light meals like curry sandwich, soup and potatoes. There is also some drinks and ice cream for sweet toothed customers.

Our reporter ordered a milk soft serve.
Using the milk from the Ise Farm in Etanbetsu-cho, the soft serve wasn’t as sweet as our reporter thought.
Simple, light and refreshing this plain milk soft serve is perfect during summer!

Since the weather was great, our reporter ate her ice while contemplating the garden’s colourful tulips.

In front of the cafe you can find the garden shop which sells flower seedlings, hats and gardeners aprons.
Even without visiting the garden, our reporter enjoyed the cafe and the scenery.

Restaurant Name: Naya Cafe / Ueno Farm
Address: Asahikawa-shi Nagayama-chō 16-chōme 186-banchi
Telephone: 0166-47-8741
Garden business hours: 2020 April 18th to October 18th, from 10:00 to 17:00
Cafe business hours: from 10:00 to 17:00 (End of April - Mid October) Last order 16:30
Holidays: None
Official Website: http://www.uenofarm.net/

No-ca-ya / Ukegawa Farm

Located in the food court of Asahikawa airport, the cafe opened its main shop in Higashi-Asahikawa in May 2020.

It is a farm cafe where you can enjoy your meal while contemplating the Daisetsuzan volcanic group and the rice fields.

« Is that barn for farmers? » Is what our reporter thought, but decided to stop by because of the signboard.
This large barn has a little red door that looks like a typical house entrance.
That is the entrance.

To enter the cafe, you have to take off your shoes and change into slippers.
Our reporter was a little nervous as she couldn’t see the inside of the cafe from the entrance.

The inside of the shop is spacious, and you can see the Daisetsuzan volcanic group from the window.

The menu included the classic spicy bean curry, the monthly curry, parfaits and drinks.
No-ca-ya curry is a spicy curry with a lot of vegetables.

Looking at the beautiful landscape, our reporter finished her meal with an ice tea.
The stylish glass and the scenery soothed her.

She was in a hurry that day, but next time she will definitely order a parfait ...
This is the kind of cafe that makes you want to stay forever in.

Restaurant Name: No-ca-ya / Ukegawa Farm
Address: Asahikawa-shi Higashiasahikawachōkamihei-mura 384
Telephone: 0166-36-2239
Business hours: 11:30 - 19:30
Holidays: every Thursday
Official Website: https://den-en.biz/

Makkana Tomato / Taniguchi Farm

There is a cafe at Taniguchi Farm that produces and sells tomatoes, rice and processed products.
In addition to tomatoes, the cafe "Makkana Tomato" also sells rice and seasonal vegetables.

The cafe is also popular because it let its customers experience some farm activities, such as rice planting, rice cake making (mochi), and tomato juice making.

The "Tomato Harvesting Garden" is open from mid to late June and allow customers to pluck tomatoes themselves in the farm greenhouses.
Since baskets and scissors are lent, even small children are able to enjoy the harvest.

There are more than 10 types of tomatoes, including mini tomatoes, medium-sized tomatoes, and normal-sized tomatoes.
The greenhouse entrance is free and harvested tomatoes can be purchased in grams.

Our reporter recommends the tomato curry which uses tomatoes from Taniguchi Farm.
The curry has the sweetness of vegetables and can even be eaten by small children.

There are also pizza, pasta, soft serve ice cream, smoothies using seasonal vegetables, coffee and tea, that you also can take out.

野菜を買って帰ろう!!直売所のあるお店4つ | 旭川のことならasatan



Our reporter also mentioned Taniguchi Farm in this article. Please read it if you’re interested.

Restaurant Name: Makkana Tomato / Taniguchi Farm
Address: Asahikawa-shi Higashiasahikawachōkyōei 255-banchi
Telephone: 0166-38-6336
Business hours:
-June-August/9:00-18:00 *the registration for tomato harvest garden is until 17:00
-September-October / 10:00-17:00 *the registration for tomato harvest garden is until 16:00 (tomato harvest garden ends at the end of September)
Holidays: every Wednesday
Official Website: https://taniguchifarm.co.jp/

Fun & delicious farm restaurants

How about letting the natural landscape taking you away for a day ?
Refresh your body with seasonal and fresh vegetables while being surrounded by the calm scenery.
Coming by the farm restaurants during a driving or a stroll might sooth your body from the usual, stressful routine.

Translated from まみ@writer (Mami)'s article.



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I am in charge of translating in english some of asatan's articles.
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